Top 4 Cannabis Packaging Design Mistakes

Top 4 Cannabis Packaging Design Mistakes

What is your Cannabis packaging design doing for you? Branding and packaging go hand-in-hand. When product packaging hits the market, positive things happen. Shoppers recognize the brand and relate to its marketing, thus easing the buyer’s concerns over making a purchase. The package Design should increase revenue by:

  • Attracting the tight Customers – Who are the right customers? 
  • Differentiating your product from similar brands and products 
  • Communicate unique value such as edible packaging 

What are the pain points for your product’s or brand’s buyer persona? How to do words like:

  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Sugar Added
  • Vegan
  • Certified Kosher

Resonate with your ideal buyers? These words are all examples that help to target the right consumers, differentiate your product or brand, and communicate value to shelf shoppers. 

Cannabis Packaging Designs that Hurt Revenue 

As much as there are aspects of branding that attract buyers, there are things that drive them away. The package design should be easy to read, with clear messages and keywords that draw people to the product. Here are four ways to reverse that process and drive people away.

  1. The label design is too busy. You have a limited amount of time to sway a potential buyer. A busy label hides information rather than pushing it forward where it is recognized. Chaos is not a strong point of selling. Busy packaging confuses the buyer who will pick up a product that has a clear and concise label.
  2. The package design is unprofessional – The integrity of a brand is reflected in the packaging of its products. If the packaging is not professional (and that is defined by your buyer persona), then the product does not ease buyer anxiety. When package design is weak, you shed market share. Shelf shoppers or online shoppers will opt for a package that reassures them that the product is of quality. 
  3. The Design does not stand out – One of the biggest mistakes for cannabis package design is that people design stunningly beautiful labels on a screen, but never compare how that package design fits in among competitive brands and products. If you do not consider the shelf viability of a product, it will likely be overshadowed by competing products. An excellent way to look at this is to check out the cold and flu aisle the next time your at the grocery store. Just stand back and look at what draws your eye. Look around that product at those options you did not see. As you design your product’s packaging, use design elements that highlight those aspects of your products that are unique and valuable within a competitive market. 
  4. The packaging is illegal – There are rules and regulations for packaging, especially for cannabis. A few complaints and your products might be pulled from shelves. What is the biggest Cannabis Packaging Design mistake we see? Printing packaging that is unusable because it does not comply with the label laws. 

All of these packaging mistakes are avoidable, and avoiding them helps to save money, attract new consumers, and grow your market share. Learn more about increasing your sales via strategic package design. Good cannabis packaging design is good business. Leverage the power of excellent packaging to help meet your business goals and grow revenue. 

Reach out to the Metier Team for more information about compelling packaging and unique options that are clear, concise, visible, and compliant. 

Keone Moore

A unique blend of both business strategy and creative innovation experience allowed Keone to develop a unique branding methodology for Metier that delivers business results for purpose led businesses. He believes in each client’s unique ability to transform lives and increase global health on life at a time.