Hemp Pharmaceutics

Redefining pain management.


Hemp Pharmaceutics is an organization dedicated to developing pain-management solutions that do not cause long term addiction issues. We helped the ownership develop a brand strategy and identity based that represents the professionalism and leadership required to change public perception of hemp and cannabis.


Brand Identity Design
Package Design

Hemp Pharmaceutics Business Card Stack on White and Teal Background
Logo Process of Hemp Pharmaceutics

Our Approach

Build a visual brand identity that will resonate with cautious consumers unfamiliar with hemp as modern medicine.

How do we position?

health through healing.

Hemp Pharmaceutics Morning Formula Dropper and Package Design
Hemp Pharmaceutics Night Formula Dropper and Package Design
Hemp Pharmaceutics Logo System Shown on Light, Medium and Dark Backgrounds
Hemp Pharmaceutics Logo System and Branding Identity
Cannabis Supplements Brand Colors and Fonts
Hemp Pharmaceutics Cannabis Supplements Webpage on Mobile
Hemp Pharmaceutics Canvas Tote and TShirt Design