Elise McRoberts

The Hideout Kitchen

The Neighborhood

Family Bistro


Tucked away in the SF Bay Area’s quiet suburb of Lafayette, The Hideout Kitchen is a family-run establishment serving California cuisine made made to warm the soul. As the name implies, the restaurant is hidden in it’s quaint town and provides a cozy ambiance perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area lifestyle.


Our agency was tasked with creating a Brand Identity System thought speaks to the heart and soul of The Hideout Kitchen. We started with a Brand Discovery that pinpointed The Hideout Kitchen’s place in the market as a down-to-earth bistro offering a fun, hearty menu. The brand positioning is exemplified our centerpiece brunch item, #TheWaffleSandwich. It was also important to the management team, that the new logo and brand system not be a drastic departure from what they currently had.


As you can see below, we have articulated The Hideout Kitchen’s unique place in the marketplace as a playful, yet consistent and aligned visual brand experience.


Identity Design
Web Design & Development
E-Blast template
Marketing Brochure

Brand Identity Design

Through defining The Hideout Kitchen’s place in the market, brand differentiators, and target demographic we recognized a need for a Brand Identity refresh. We want the visual presence to reflect their strategy and speak to the restaurants personality. Through this effort we are able to inspire our audience.


Our new logo system, colors, and typography bring the brand’s down-to-earth essence and hometown appeal to life without completely departing from their existing brand identity.